Periodix finds jobs for freelancers with the highest possibility to get.

Artificial intelligence matches clients and freelancers according to their experience and preferences.

Web. Auto search, job info, apply form.

Periodix AI checks all jobs on Upwork to find best on for you. You can check job's details and apply.

Extension. Get notification when job is found.

Algorithm discovers and shows each job’s chance to get. You will be notified when there is a good gig for you.

Bot. Check new job via Telegram.

Periodix bot will send you a message when new job will be found. You can see job’s card instantly in chat.

You don’t have to waste your time on seeking a right job anymore. Periodix AI finds it for you.

Get Periodix

Periodix finds jobs that are more likely to be chosen by freelancer: according to skillset, rate, client’s origin, etc. Next step is calculating a chance to get interesting gig with AI based algorithm. Each job Periodix finds for you has % to get it. It is reflected on job’s card. You just have to apply.